The activity of Meeting the Mid-Autumn Festival and Celebrating the National Day in 2018_九龙vip闪电图库_马会奖券一句中特

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Autumn breezescool,sweet blossom,sending the blistering summer day away,receivingthe fruitful Mid-Autumn Day._马会奖券一句中特

In order to active company’s atmosphere, enrich worker’s spare-time life, realize the interaction between the company and the stuff, so make all employees to enjoy their work with the youthful spirit, positive & optimistic attitude and harmonious relationship.

Xuchang Jinfeng Garment Co., Ltd held an interesting activity of meeting the Mid-Autumn Festival and celebrating the National Day on Sep 23rd, 2018. There are four activities: guessing lantern riddles, blowing the PingPong ball, I guess you act, ring toss and square dancing. Please enjoy the following beautiful pictures. 

1. Guessing lantern riddles


2. Blowing the Pingpong ball


3. Ring toss

4. I guess you act

5. Square dancing